Friday, 6 May 2016

Dreaming beyond your low self-esteem

It is the desire of every person in this world to perform some extraordinary task. People try their best to do good acts during their life. It is normally said that it is a great achievement for any man to perform extraordinary acts, but this becomes more important when it is done in the presence of a major disability. There are different people in our world today that perform extraordinary tasks despite their major disabilities. When someone with a disability is able to overcome all the hardships of life then it becomes a legend and golden history. It takes a lot of strength and a complete no-fear attitude to go as far as breaking the cords of low self-esteem in the world of disability and climbing the ladder of living a purpose-driven life.
I’m in my fifth week of the ICS journey and trust me l am really trying very hard to cope with the heat from the sun here in the North, since I am from the South and the heat here is more than that of the south. The past weeks have been very interesting; we are doing a lot of online research and baseline research to find out the reason why many employers don’t want to employ persons with disabilities in their organizations. During our research, it was recorded that around 60% of employers would like to employ a person with disability based on his/her qualification, irrespective of their disability. 
Wumbei (ICV, Standing), helps members of the 
Ghana Blind Union with IT lessons
Cecil, Abdul and I had an interesting interaction with the manager at a local shop in Tamale, during our research findings about the barriers employers may face in employing PWDs. The manager said, and I quote: “It isn’t always the case, but l am speaking from my date of assumption to work till date, we have never gotten any letter from any PWDs who is seeking for employment in my branch of work, Tamale. And do you know why? It is because majority of them have low self-esteem.” He told us about a physically challenged employee who works at their branch office in Kumasi. He is hard working, and has gained much admiration from customers for breaking out of his limitations and proving to the society that he is able to achieve something. Immediately after the manager ended his statement, l realized he had made a strong point out there based on his experience. On our way back to the office his statements kept echoing in my mind and I decided to think it through over and over again.
In my relaxed mood, I started thinking about how best we as volunteers at the Resource Center can help solve this problem. My best friend has always said this to me “If only you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to people you may never even dream of, there is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.” This means that, for an individual to succeed in this life, he or she has to first of all believe in him or herself and break out of any form of limitation that could be a hindrance to progress. The search continues and we are on a journey towards helping PWDs fight the negative spirit of low self-esteem through capacity building workshops and training. It is a long journey and we are getting there step by step.

Cece Abotsi (ICV)


  1. It about time PWD's break every boundary of limitations in regards to their predicaments.I believe in your fight against their low self esteem and I urge you not to give up. Your effort will not be in vain. Keep the good work up. Peace!!!