Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The eleventh hour

Ismail Issahaku:
It has been a long journey from week 1 until week 11, as our project was on going, we spent time in radio stations, schools, focus groups, and also communities to hold sensitisations. In fact, it was a whole lot of fun amongst us. It’s a great moment and a wonderful experience to volunteering with International Service. Before I started this project, I  sometimes engaged myself in active politics,  sometimes I am being called upon to speak with  groups of people although I was good and confident at speaking in public, but since I have been on this International Service placement I have built more confidence in public speaking. I have got experience here talking to young children and adults. I believe this project has helped me a lot in terms of improving my communications skills. I salute International Service so much for this wonderful opportunity. Since I have been here, I am more aware of global issues that effects the world and seeing hands on what people experience and endure on  daily basis makes me realize that I can do more in my day to day life when I get back to my community.
Before I came onto this placement I wasn’t comfortable writing reports, risk assessments and letters to organizations, now being around people that have experience in writing blogs, and writing these on daily basis on placement has given me more skills that I can use back at home.  
Before I came on the placement, I wasn’t very active with volunteering and giving to charity. Now I would like to get more involved and like to learn more about international development and what I could do.
One memory that stands out for me from my time here was when I went on radio stations that transmit across the whole northern region of Ghana. This was very important to me because it was a chance to speak to the whole region about something I felt passionate of. I have been to a radio station before but never had a chance to talk on air. This is a big achievement and was very happy after completing this. ‘Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world’ Nelson Mandela.

Michael Adams:
We started thinking as if the weeks were long, finally we are on the last week of our project which I am excited that we will be leaving to our various homes but also sad that we will be saying goodbye to our new friends we have made over these few weeks. I have learnt a lot from volunteering with International Service and also have had the opportunity to learn different cultures and behaviors from people from the UK and the northern part of Ghana. Before this program, I was not good at public speaking, I also didn’t know anything about persons with disabilities as to their laws and rights, and how places should be accessible for them, and also the sports these people can play. I also didn’t know what a blog is and how to write it. But I can confidently say I have improved on my public speaking and also now know what disability is, their rights and what sports they play as well as gained ideas about blog writing. On our last week of our project there have been  lots of report writing which is so stressful and tiresome after sensitisations in schools, radios and community, as well as auditing public places, and also after administering questionnaires to individuals different groups of persons with disabilities. After all these, we had to write a reports on them which is exhausting and sometimes fun because we reflect our minds back on some of the things that took place outside the office which also looks funny enough for us to smile on. In fact, it is a whole lot of fun volunteering with international service. We are done with all our activities assigned to us and can’t wait to go home to share with families and friends the experience we have gained through these weeks. It has been great working together as a team. We will be missing one another, until our paths cross, we wish to meet again. Thank you so much for reading. 

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