Friday, 12 February 2016

The Transformed Mentality

Growing up, disability for me was being blind, crippled and deaf and the main occupation for persons with disability was begging for alms. No one had ever proven my mentality wrong because this I think is same with a lot of people. In a way, my mentality was right because, every Friday afternoon between the hours of 11am and 2pm, one will always find people with all forms of disability seated in front of the Tamale central mosque begging for alms and even every other day they are all over the town on the street begging.

Three weeks ago when I became part of the International Service family at the Resource Centre for Persons with Disability, I discovered that disability was not only being blind, crippled or deaf, but there are other forms like being mentally disabled and also they were not disabled, but “persons with disability”. Also learnt about several games and sports they play and the various awards the team in Tamale has won. In fact visiting their training sessions a couple of times and playing with them, I can tell for a fact that it is very difficult to play games in that state. Games like basketball using the wheel chair, volleyball sitting on the ground, goal ball, and tennis among others.

During the period of my transformation, I discovered a lot of persons with disability who are educated and are occupying positions in the region, and some still with their certificates searching for employment. Most of the time when I get the opportunity to speak to some of them, I become amazed at what they are capable of doing, and then I was prompted to do my guided learning session with Henika on the topic “disability is not inability”. Truly disability is not inability because at the centre, these people make all kinds of bags from pieces of clothes and all kinds of sandals without machines and for me that is amazing.

I have been transformed, and I believe you reading this can be transformed if you try to and will become closer to people with disabilities. If you are an employee, try the capabilities of persons with disability and I promise you they will amaze you with what they are made of.

Mpag ya!       Asan ke shun!   Thank you!


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