Friday, 5 February 2016

School sensitisations

It has been three weeks since we started our project and we have done our first follow up sensitization in Zogbeli on 28 January, which was presented by Holly, Fuseini, Ismail, Hannah and Adams. It was successful.

We talked about Paralympic sports which was interesting for the kids to know the sports that disabled people can play. We later sent them to field where we have our net made with recycled water sachets to show the students how to play sitting volleyball. Which end up being played by Holly and Hannah to help their team win. But even they lost in the end of the competition. What amazed me most how the kids were rushing to take picture with Holly a UK volunteer and the whole school was shouting “siliminga” which means white man or woman.

 On 29 January, we also hosted another sensitization in EP school which was presented by Jamie, Holly, Mershack, Fuseini, Ismail and Adams which was also successful.  We grouped the students into groups and we informed them to bring out their own team name and they came up with names such as ‘supper strikers, active united baby, and class under tree’.  We let the kids have a competition and it was won by a team called class under tree. What got my attention was how the student enjoyed the game and they were shouting all over the school ‘’class under tree’’ which was exciting to see the kids happy. That make me feel my team and I have done a good job as a team. After that we handed a thank you letter to the headmaster. Our departure from the school was a sad scene, seeing the student waving their hands and saying goodbye make it hard for me to leave the school. This is what i have to share for now until next time bye. Thanks for reading, Adams Michael

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