Thursday, 3 December 2015

Hello everyone!

I am Hannah, the UK Team Leader at the Resource Centre. So far every member of the team has done a blog so now it is my turn. Unfortunately, this will be the last instalment from this cohort as we have managed to complete all of the activities planned (and a few extras!) and now it is already time to begin the debrief of our placement. 
Last week was another really busy week so I imagine this post will be quite a long one (sorry). We began the week with a visit to ‘Yumba Special School’ here in Tamale. It is a school for mentally disabled children who require special education and was also a former partner to International Service.  We had two purposes for the visit to the school. Firstly, we wanted to check up and see how Yumba was managing without having International Service volunteers. Secondly to interact with the teachers and students of the school to see what challenges they face. Throughout the morning, we spoke to many of the teachers and discussed the difficulties involved in working at a special school. It was eye opening to see that even they, as able bodied teachers, faced a great deal of stigma for working with mental disability and wanting to help the children. The numbers of staff have recently dropped at the school as it is difficult to find other teachers who want to work in such establishments. Despite these problems, the children were extremely happy and well looked after, they were all such a treat to spend the morning with. The work the school is doing is amazing and we hope that future cohorts will keep up the relationship with Yumba as it is extremely beneficial for everyone involved!

   Our second main activity of the week was another community sensitisation in the nearby town of Savelugu. The event was a huge success and we pulled in our biggest crowd yet (approximately 300 people). We showed a short video, ‘The Voices of Disability’, which was then followed by a presentation and then a Q&A session with Mr. Samed. The community engaged really well and we are currently working through the feedback questionnaires to see just how much of an impact we had upon them.

    As our placement is drawing to a close, we have been reflecting upon what we have achieved as a team and I must say that I am so incredibly proud of just how much the volunteers have managed to achieve in such a short period of time. In country, it is sometimes hard to see the direct results of your work and to realise the actual impact of what you have been doing. However, this week we had a lovely little surprise in the office that confirmed that we are really helping the Resource Centre to make changes, no matter how small, here in Tamale. A young boy from one of the schools that we had sensitised the previous week came to the centre. He was holding the leaflet that we distribute at school sensitisations and his mother explained to us that her son was severely hard of hearing and had come to the centre for help after reading the leaflet. Mr. Samed was able to register the boy as part of the Ghana Association of the Deaf then and there, so from now on he will have the support that he needs! It was quite a touching moment for everyone in the team.

Although we will shortly be going our separate ways, there still remains a lot to do for persons with disabilities here in Ghana. I hope that if you are reading this report as a future volunteer of the Resource Centre you are raring to go and to continue supporting those who really need it! Just remember; Disability is not inability!


  1. Sounds amazing! So glad the good work is still continuing!!! Jonny

  2. Wow! Long live RCPWD, amazing work guys.