Monday, 9 November 2015

teachers here, teachers there, teachers everywhere!

We have had a busy week at the resource centre, we held our teachers workshop and also we visited Bishops high school and led a sensitization- they were both an incredible success!
Firstly the school sensitization at Bishop High was a success and we successfully sensitized 70 students who actively engaged in the subject and the presentation.
Secondly the teachers workshop we as a group spent a lot of time preparing so we ensured that nothing would go wrong, we invited 20 teachers all from different schools around Tamale to come to the workshop of which 19 turned up. We started the session by giving a brief introduction to the resource centre by our project partner Mr Samed then moving onto the sensitization presentation that we give to schools when we visit them. We envisioned our workshop to be interactive and to get the teachers actively thinking about the challenges that face persons with disabilities everyday so we thought the best way to do this would be to invite three persons with disabilities to share their experiences. Inviting three we hoped to get a rounded view of persons with disabilities so we invited along Mr Mohammed who is visually impaired, Mr Adam who is physically disabled and finally Mr Mohammed who is deaf, they each gave their own story of the struggles and injustice they face. A main part of the workshop was to show the teachers ways in which they could get their students involved with how it feels to be impaired, so we asked a teacher to volunteer to put a blindfold on and collect a sachet of water and then proceed to his seat, we find in schools the children love this but they are incredibly surprised by how hard a simple task could be- enlightening them on the daily struggles of Persons with Disabilities. The workshop was drawing to a close so we handed the teachers a resource pack to take back to their school to use, we enclosed in the pack posters to stick in their classroom of famous Ghanian people with disabilities who have broken and surpassed the stigma. We also gave them a copy of Braille to show the children and ideas on how they could use such international days for disabilities to involve the children.
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