Tuesday, 17 November 2015



Welcome to our newly updated blog. Jennifer is my name, a volunteer with International Citizen Service and working in partnership with the Northern Regional Resource Centre for persons with disability.
On Monday we had our usual Monday morning meetings which every volunteer took part in the discussion and what we will doing for the week. we delivered a letter to Might FM in Savelugu asking for free airtime for a radio sensitization. Our radio sensitization took place on Wednesday at Savelugu and it was a successful and interesting one and our presenters for the radio were Danielle Fawcett-Walsh, Jennifer Nantomah and Luke Henry Bennet, all Volunteers and also present were Lukman Habib, Team Leader and Mr. Samed Sulemana, our Centre manager. After our radio sensitization, the team also paid a visit to the Savelugu School for the deaf, where we had discussions with the Headmistress in charge of school and also interacted with other staff members and finally had a time with the school children. They were excited to see us around. We played games as well as had interactions with them.

On Wednesday, the team embarked on another sensitization visit to St. Peters primary school, Tamale. We worked in a team of two. The presenters for the first group were Danielle Fawcet-Walsh, Abby Shallow and Abawi Mary, The presenters for the second group were made up of Kenneth Danso, Melody Waterworth and Martin Ayine . Also present was Habib Lukman, a team leader who did the head count. Our sensitization at the School was very successful. Thanks to all who made this a reality .

On Thursday, we worked on our documentary screening which it was done by Nantomah Jennifer and Luke Leung the documentary was in Dagbani and needed to  be translated in to English and also prepared our questionnaires for the community. On Friday, we went to Tishugu community and deliver our base lines questionnaires to know their ideas about disability and also talk to the chief to seek for permission for the documentary to be screened in his community and it was also done by Lukman Habib team leader, Kenneth Danso, Melody Waterworth and Nantomah Jennifer, all volunteers.

It all went well very successful and thank you all for reading.

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