Friday, 20 November 2015

ICS cohort in resource centre

This week was hectic for team resource.  Adequate preparations were made towards undertaking documentary screening, school sensitization, community entry and administering baseline questionnaires in a community at Savelugu.   

On the 18th day of November, the team had a documentary screening at Tishegu community and they were excited for our coming. The documentary includes the voices of disable persons in Tamale on their daily challenges as a result of their disability. These include the visual impaired, and the physically challenged sharing their experiences on their daily struggles and how they acquired their disabilities. 

The community did us proud by coming out in their numbers to participate in the documentary screening exercise. They participated in the screening by asking questions. It was really an interested activity for both the team and the community. We were all excited for the success of the programme. 

On Thursday the 19th day of November, team resource embarked on two separate activities; community entry activity in a community in Savelugu. The Assemblyman and the chief were met coupled with administering baseline questionnaires. The other activity was a school sensitisation at Sakasaka Junior High School Block (A) in Tamale Metropolis. The group targeted for about one hundred students. The programme ended successful. 

Thanks for your attention and best wishes.

Authored by Martin Ayine (Volunteer)
Photo credit: Kenneth Danso (Volunteer)

administering feedback questionnaires at Tishegu community
community members participating in documentary screening at Tishegu
School sensitization presentation at sakasaka JHS Block A
volunteers of team resource at documentary screening

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