Monday, 12 October 2015

Welcome all to week three newly updated blog!

I’m Mary Abaawi, a volunteer with international citizen service and partnered with the Northern Regional Resource Centre for persons with disabilities.Monday which was on the 05/10/15,we had our meeting to which all in-country volunteers (ICV) and UK volunteers (UKV)discussed what should be done in the week.Also on Tuesday,one of our major activities was to have Radio sensitization at Savanna Radio to which three volunteers, two ICVs and one UKV presented the information, which was basically to create awareness on disability.Some items were purchased in town by some of us, for example a flip chart,pens, and papers in preparation for the school sensitization later in the week.After that we had our team social together in town,we made so many funny games and it was very interesting.In addition to that,on Wednesday,I prepared my personal Risk Assessment in which every volunteer did as well. Some volunteers sent a letter to Radio Savanna thanking them for giving free air time for sensitization to be done,in that same day messages were text to us congratulating us for the marvelous job we did on Radio sensitization based on disabilities. This week, we also practiced our power point presentation for our school sensitization and we prepared a Flip Chart as a back up because we may encounter no electricity at schools.As we all know electricity in Ghana is not available all the time as compared to the UK where there is electricity all the time.

On Friday we went to E.P junior high school for the school sensitization which was very interactive and the students of E.P Junior high school did very well.The presentation involved a lot of students (about three hundred) who took part and was very good and the the number of volunteers who did the presentation were six: Myself, Luke L., Dani, Martins, Abby and Luke B. and other volunteers helped by taking photos, controlling the children and doing a head count.

Finally on Sunday we had a wheelchair basket ball game at the old sports stadium in Tamale which a lot of people were present to watch and a lot of volunteers were present from different projects that makes the activity very interesting and lovely.

Thanks for reading this Blog which was written by Mary.

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