Tuesday, 27 October 2015

ICS 2, Cohort 1 Week Five

Having reached week five it is finally time for the team’s first visit to a community. Part of our commitment to the resource centre is to have a community sensitization in one of the more rural parts around Tamale. 

I was personally warned by our team leader, Lukman, of the views the community would likely hold of people with a disability (PWD). He emphasized how disability is seen as poverty. This gave me food for thought, instantly thinking not so many people would hold this view. At first I wasn’t sure whether people in the community would not understand what disability is. I then began to think of what the community may have seen of those with a disability, perhaps they had only ever seen PWDs begging in the street. Whatever the case may be, by going to the community to fulfill the Ghanaian formalities of meeting the chief and getting permission to sensitize the community while also getting some members of the community involved in questionnaires would help me understand the community’s ideas of those with disability. 

After we received permission from the chief we walked around the community to complete questionnaires with people and understand how the community viewed PWDs. This was partly done for monitoring and evaluating our impact on the community, and also for our own benefit of adapting our presentation on the key issues we found with the community. For those interested, a lot of the perceptions in the community of PWDs were that they were unable to work which explains the link with disability and poverty. 

Hopefully after our sensitization the community will begin to learn how to empower PWDs as a method of tackling poverty rather than charity alone.

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