Friday, 30 October 2015

week six blog by kenneth

Hi, I am Kenneth, a volunteer with International Citizen Service, working in partnership with the Northern Regional Resource Centre for persons with disabilities.

We had our usual Monday morning meeting, where we discussed and had reflections as a team on activities carried out in the past week and also continued further to plan activities to be carried out for the current week that we are in and also assigned roles to be performed by individual volunteers.
One of the major activities for the week was a community sensitization at Banvim, Banvim is a suburb community in the Tamale metropolis. The ground had been set the previous week for the sensitisation to take place.

On Wednesday, team resource centre embarked on its sensitization at Bamvim community, where we sensitize the community on disabilities, the attendance was great thus our sensitization was a successful one. We are grateful for the support give to us by the community and other individuals who helped to make our sensitization a reality. We are happy our message about disability got to the people of Bamvim community. The community is now better informed about disability and they now know that disability is not inability.

After our community sensitisation, we had a reflection as a team and discussed about how the whole activity went and what could be done differently, suggestions were made and taken note of. We started planning our next sensitization that will take place in the coming week. We brainstormed and came up with ideas and also decided on how some activities will be carried out. Roles were also been assigned to individual volunteers.

Thanks you all for reading.

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