Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Discrimination and Stigmatization of late in its pre-occupation has assumed its high rate of alarming. And if proper care and measures are not taken, the future of our societies would be in serious jeopardy.
What is this to a well meaning active Citizen?
Discrimination is the distinct treatment of an individual or group to their disadvantage; treatment or consideration on class rather than individual merit. Stigmatization is also defined as singling out a person or picking on them because they are different.
What make people discriminate against others?
The following are some of the reasons why some people use in discriminating;
·         Cultural and religious believes: Culture can be said to be the way people live. It shows their identity and makes people more identifiable from the mist of other people. Culture is good and must be remained in practice. But the wrong believes that promote discrimination and stigmatization must be checked out or revised. Believes like somebody is cursed for being in a particular way is wrong and must be abandoned immediately.
·         Economic Reasons: Economic reasons are some of the factors that make or influence people to discriminate against others. People who are in economic advantage sometimes consider themselves to be in higher classes different from those in less economic advantages, they consider themselves as more superior than those in poverty class, and people begin to stigmatize and discriminate when they think they are more important than others. Example is when rich families refuse to marry from the poor families.
·         Colour: Colour has become another reason which people use in discriminating against others. Black people are treated badly by the whites because they are simply dark in complexion and the vice versa. I am an ardent football fan; I sometimes feel bad, when watching football games, I at times watch fans chanting against football players who are not the same of their colour, calling them monkeys and use other ill words against them. This kind of treatment would never promote any good sportsmanship but rather defeats and undermine the reasons why sports should be promoted. Colour should not have been an issue for hatreds nor for discrimination if what Nelson Mandela said was put in practice.
He said: “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin or his background or of his religion. People must learn to hate and if they can learn to hate then they can be thought to love for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite”.
·         Political Influence:  Political Influence not only until recent times is a key issue why people decide to discriminate against other people. Individuals, groups and nations now do discriminate against certain individuals, groups and other nations who are none politically affiliated to them. People who are in political power treat people who are more affiliated to their political believes and ideologies more favourable than those who decide not to join them in their respective political believes. People who win political power turn to be winners of all the advantages. They appoint more of their favourites into national offices. These are serious canker you can easily find in politics which breads dangerous virus into sustainable developments for both communities and nations. Politicians must be edged to stop these bad political practices.
·         Disabilities: Disability is when someone has difficulty or feels pain or cannot even use part of the body or one of the five senses (touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste). People with disabilities face the worse form of discrimination in societies. They are given less attention by the governments and individuals. The least this class of people are consulted when making national discussions. How can you shave a mad man in his absence?

          1)    They bring hatreds in societies.
          2)    They also bridge peace in societies and sometimes lead to revolutions.
          3)   They are threat to national development .Because they promote unequal distribution of
                  National cakes.
          4)   They also undermine the beauty of nature and show disrespect to human dignity.

·         Introduction of both national and international cultural learning centres. This will help people to learn and appreciate other people with different cultural background.
·         Sensitization will also help to minimize discrimination and stigma in societies.
·         Inclusion is another effective way to stop discrimination.


 A. M . YUSSIF. 

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