Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Importance of Community Development

Development is one of those simple words with a complex definition due to the varying perspectives and how each individual is affected.

Development is the process of growth or progress. There are various types of development. There is human development, community development, economic development, international development but to mention a few. I believe development is a long chain reaction which begins with human development also known as the capability approach to development. Human development serves as the foundation for all types of development.

Community development is the process designed to create the conditions of economic and social progress for the whole community with its active participation and fullest possible reliance upon the community’s initiative.

From observation it’s very evident that the disabled are not adequately represented in government and in most cases are not taken into consideration when laws are made. On the few occasions where laws are passed to benefit the disabled, government does not make sure they are implemented. A typical example is the law that was passed so that all government buildings will be disability friendly with a 10 year deadline. With a little over a year to the deadline, some government buildings are still not disability friendly.

Honestly it’s not the fault of the government; this is an issue in this day and age. In our communities, we only pretend to love the disabled meanwhile we discriminate and stigmatize right from infancy so they never feel part of their communities not to talk the country.

In Ghana for instance there are only two schools for the blind in Wa and Akropong. Most teachers do not have the patience and skills to teach such children with special needs in mainstream schools. So aside the stigma most disabled are uneducated hence their poor representation in government
As we are well aware there are different forms of disability so sometimes it is said that the disabled have their fair share of the national cake but in effect it’s just a portion benefiting from whatever intervention.

In conclusion, judging from the current plight of the disabled in Ghana in comparison with community development, there’s a major imbalance in our development because community development is a pre requisite for national development. It’s not the government. It’s up to you and I.
Remember, being blind does not make the blind and less visionary neither does Being lame make the physically disabled unable to take giant strides. Also, being deaf does not mean the deaf don’t hear us when we cry.

Written by Jason Addo

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