Friday, 10 April 2015

Hello from Cohort 12!

Kawula! Work has begun for the new ICS cohort at the Northern Resource Centre for People with Disabilities, and after weeks of preparation we are all very excited to be here!

We have arrived during the hottest time of year in Ghana, something the British volunteers have struggled to get to grips with! Temperatures reach up to 40°c during the day meaning water, suncream and sweating profusely have become staples of daily life in Tamale– we can't wait for the rainy season!

This cohort is also the first to move into host homes within the local community, who so far have all been incredibly kind and hospitable. The accommodation for different volunteers has been varied - no running water and communal toilets are common, though a lucky few have en suite bathrooms!

We are a team of nine volunteers here at the Resource Centre:

The Team:

Age: 25
From: Tolon
I am extremely happy to be involved in helping to end stigmatisation of persons with disabilities and to promote equal access to opportunities for all people. I therefore invite everybody on board so that together we will help sensitise our communities, schools and all places we find ourselves to end stigmatization.

Age: 21
From: London
Hello! So, we have now been in Ghana for over a week and what a week it has been… the new sights, sounds, smells and tastes are a long way from those in the UK. It is going to be a great few months and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into the work here at the Resource Centre. We will all keep you posted via this blog, Facebook, Twitter and our webpage. See you again soon!

Bawa (Team Leader)
From: Tamale
I am very happy to welcome the new cohort and welcome all volunteers from Ghana and the UK. This is my second time working as an In-Country team leader, and working with ICS in partnership with the Resource Centre has allowed me to learn more about disability issues in Ghana and the world at large. I have learnt a lot though cross culture working and look forward to our future successes on the project.

Age: 22
From: Oxford
I really hope our presence here over the next 10 weeks will be a positive for both the resource centre and for those that benefit by its existence. I'm personally looking forward to seeing how the sport clubs bring disabled people together and hopefully having a go myself!

Age: 22
From: London
Since arriving in Tamale the heat, dust and new culture has taken a lot of getting used to – but made so much easier by the Ghanaian people. Everyone is incredibly friendly, and my host family in particular have been very welcoming. I'm really happy to be working with the Resource Centre and look forward to providing updates on our progress!

Age: 21
From: Manchester
For the last week I've been getting used to a lot of new things here in Ghana – especially the new food! The scorching sun and pace of life are certainly different to the UK, but for now I'm looking forward to starting the project and seeing the impact my team and I will have in Tamale.

Age: 23
From: Greater Accra
I am very grateful to be here in Tamale and so far have really enjoyed living with my host family. Charity work is an area I am very interested in, so I am hoping that our work at the Resource Centre will be very productive and an experience I never forget!

Tallis (Team Leader)
Age: 24
From: Cambridge
I can't really put into words how much I appreciate and love being a part of this project! I can officially say I am over my culture shock and I'm so happy to start work with this team. They are pro-active, hard-working and passionate and it has been a pleasure to work with them for the first proper week of their placement. I am really excited by what we can achieve and am looking forward to getting stuck in.

From: Tamale
As a local resident, I am so glad to be part of the team here at the Resource Centre and to help my community learn more about disability issues. I am happy to be working with the UK volunteers and look forward to seeing a successful end to this cohort.

That's all from the team for now, we will continue to provide updates in the coming weeks. See you again soon!

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