Thursday, 12 March 2015

The end is in sight...!

Nobody here at the Resource Centre can believe the end is in sight! We have all had an amazing time here in the Northern Region of Ghana! International Service has given us all some incredible and unforgettable memories which we all will be forever thankful for! For our last blog we have all decided to write a little passage about our ICS experience - !! So this is goodbye from Cohort 7! *wipes away tear*.

It’s really been amazing working at the Resource Centre. Am really going to miss working at the Resource Centre and the team. Ed, am really going to miss you badly and I will always remember you and our Newcastle accent; we shall meet some day. Johnny and Bawa, you have been wonderful Team Leaders and you shall be missed dearly. Paul and Richie, we shall surely meet again. Lukman, am going to miss you so much and we shall be together in spirit. Fraser, I wish you all the best and am going to really miss you guys – Hanifa. 

Nine weeks ago, I never imagined that the end will come so quickly. Life at the Resource Centre has been incredible, far more than I expected. Many lessons learnt, many good friends made, many skills developed, many memories made. I think of the volunteers as Knights of the Round Table basically because of how we sit at the office coupled with how we worked assiduously to promote the work of the Centre. Through the ups and downs, the team has done incredibly well. Thanks to our hardworking team leaders, Jonny and Bawa. I can boldly say that we achieved all our objectives set out during our cohort! Most importantly, I will never forget the motivation I got from my team, specifically Jackie during our school sensitisations. – Paul

I can’t believe how fast my time here in Ghana has gone –The Resource Centre is an amazing place that is doing such valuable work – I feel proud to have been a part of it! We have done so much here I wish I had another 3 months to make an even bigger impact than I have already made! The ICV’s have been amazing and I will never forget them! Before coming to Ghana I didn’t realise how much they would impact on my experience here but they are truly the most important part of the ICS experience. My advice to the next and future volunteers in Ghana and at the Resource Centre is to embrace every opportunity you can – get stuck in! You’re only ever going to get this opportunity once so make the absolute most of it! ICS is the best thing I have ever done. Thank you to all my team for making my time here so incredible – I will never forget any of you - and to the rest of the cohort for making wonderful memories with me. It’s been mega. -  Jackie

Can't believe we are edging closer to the end of Cohort 7, we have had an amazing time than we could have ever imagined. Although I am very delighted to have met friends during my time with ICS, I will miss Hanifa, Ed, Jackie, Richard, Paul, Fraser And our Team Leaders: Bawa and Johnny. One moment that means a lot to me during our programme with ICS was our Sensitization at Might FM in Savelugu. I spoke on air about Disabilities and a lot of questions were asked which we didn't even plan for, we responded well to those questions. When we closed from work that day, I got home and my friends were waiting for me- I didn't even tell them I was going on air but they all heard my voice and were all very happy. It made me so happy because I thought I was really working and impacting on the general public .This is one moment I will never forget. Let's Keep In touch and stay like family. – Lukman

The time passes very quickly. I over-estimated how many books I could finish whilst out here. There is more to do than you think, as long as IS don’t cancel your travel opportunities. The project is a very busy and rewarding one, with our relatively singular message disseminated via many different mediums. We were blessed with a cohesive team that established friendships outside of the project and this is something we will all treasure. My advice to you would be to imbibe the culture as fully as possible, try any food you’re offered at least once. You’re only here for three months and there is a lot to learn.  Also: be discerning when buying a smock. – Fraser

A week more to go for cohort 7 at the Resource Centre for persons with disabilities and how sad it is as working as a team becomes more interesting. Everybody has been busy working on their debrief forms and working hard towards the follow-up sensitisation which will take place on Wednesday at The Northern Star School Complex. Logistics have been put in place to make our documentary screening at the Tamale Chief palace successful. I will never forget my team and the usual characteristic the UKV’s have. - Richie

So, I’m not a big fan of people but I think I’ll miss these peeps I work with. You all have different, interesting personalities. We’ve done some great things together guys, ate some good food, well-done. I hope great things for your future.  Y’all (Just Hanifa) invited to Newcastle. Later Gaters. – Ed.

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