Monday, 9 March 2015

Teachers' Workshop- A step to End Stigma against Persons' with Disabilities

This week edition of the blog is written by Hanifa and Richie.

As weeks pass by, working at the Resource Centre is becoming more and more interesting.
This week has been very engaging as we prepare for our first head teachers and circuit supervisors workshop.
Thumbs up to Hanifa and Lukman for organizing and making sure information reach the participants before the scheduled date despite the hustles they go through at the Education Office. 
They did not end it there, but also made a follow up to Sagnarigu to see the improvement with issues surrounding disabilities in the community after the sensitization. 
Prior to the workshop, Jackie, a potential volunteer of the week has been working hard to get resource packs, registration forms ready, before Thursday and was keen in analyzing follow-up questionnaire from the community sensitization.
We re-contacted Northern Star School Complex and Tamale International School for follow-up sensitization

Ed, the video director of cohort 7 at the resource centre continued with video editing but this time on “voices of disability” which she introduced and screen at the headteachers' workshop. 

Headteachers' Workshop
At 7:30am on Thursday, registration at the head teachers workshop began, it was very successful and the packs involve was so useful. Paul and Fraser demonstrated the schools presentation and invited persons with disability shared their experience and stories. Discussions on how to support children with disabilities and how curriculum can be adapted to include more lessons on disability.
That is all from us this week, but next week will be more interesting as the group prepare for a documentary screening at the Gukpenaa Palace and a wheel chair basketball match with persons living with disabilities.
Hani & Richie

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