Monday, 23 March 2015

Goodbye to the Northern Regional Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities (NRCPWD)!

So it’s with great sadness that my 7 months at the NRCPWD is coming to an end! As is my ICS journey! From my time in Burkina Faso as a general volunteer to now as a Team Leader on the NRCPWD its all been a great experience, but not without its challenges…from drunk gong gong beaters at documentary screenings, to turning up at schools for sensitizations that they completely forgot about!

I feel we have achieved a lot during the past 7 months; 12 school sensitisations, 3 teachers workshops, a new website (developmentrcpwd.wordpress.com) and the documentary at almost 98% complete (come on Ed you can finish it for your action at home!). Not to mention searching for sports donations, partnerships, creating a newsletter, a community sensitisation and all 8 of our radio sensitisations (see youtube.com/user/rcpwd).  Some things didn’t work i.e. our #ResourceHunt social media campaign but we definitely gave things a go!

My two best memories definitely came from the Cohort 6 trip to Zabzugu and the Cohort 7 documentary screening! Staying in Zabzugu’s finest (and only hotel), Benno, Elisha, Abass and Ben could not contain their excitement as proceeded to strut around the hotel shirtless, posing for pictures. Visiting the school, conducting the teachers workshop and the needs assessment was seen by some as the most valid work we had done.  The Documentary Screening at the Gulpee Naa Palace, was also pretty epic, with everything pretty much going wrong (Mr. Samed going AWOL, the gong gong beater that never beat the drum and Ed’s laptop crashing with the documentary on it), we still did well, and ended up screening  draft of the documentary that was well-received! Someone even came in the next day to request a copy of it!

As I write this I would really like to thank Mr. Samed, for  all the guidance he has given the team during the 7 months and all his advice, I’ll really miss working with him and he is a great asset to the NRCPWD. I wish the next few cohorts all the luck in the world, have fun at the schools and watching the NRCPWD classic “Emmanuels Gift”…

#LetsDoThis #TeamResource #ShouldHaveGoneToTogo

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  1. You have been an inspiring leader Jonny. Keep up the good work wherever you go.
    Honestly I have enjoyed being under your leadership.