Monday, 16 February 2015

Week Five, over and out!

As week five has come to a close, we are reflecting on our accomplishments and working ahead with anticipation to the new week.

A busy start to this week, for those of us with radio time there was a push to perfect our interviews amongst other tasks. Paul worked on the sensitisation hand-outs while Lukman and Ed continued with video editing with slow but steady progress. Jackie was occupied with writing letters to organisations requesting donations.

With our On Air time nearing at Radio Tawasul, excitement filled the air, as for the most of us volunteers, this was our first time going on radio. At the station, the whole gang gathered round, listening in on Mr Samed, centre manager of the resource centre, our team leader Bawa and our volunteers Richie and Hanifa.

Our second Station we were to attend was outside of Tamale, so bright and early for us on Tuesday, meeting at the city centre. Half an hour in a taxi later and we’re at Might radio. Up the stairs and into the studio “hello, you’re listening to Might FM and we’re joined today by representatives from the Resource centre…”

That’s us, ready at the mic.

Questions were thrown and on point answers were returned and soon the hour was over.

Off we went, from the radio to the Savealugu School for deaf. Where we were greeted by many enthusiastic children and the assistant head teacher, who was more than happy for us to be there and enlighten us of their work. Speaking to the assistant head, it was clear that everything they were doing meant a big deal to her, it was a privilege to have had an insight of the schools progress.

The following day, Lukman and Hanifa were able to secure a third radio interview. This time the airtime was on Radio Savanah.

With the week coming to an end, we managed to fit in another three sensitizations at a local school, Police Barracks JHS School. Once we were able to peel ourselves away from the VERY excited children, we started our presentations on disability, which also flowed well.

We’re more than ready for another upcoming busy week.

By Richie and Ed

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