Friday, 6 February 2015

It keeps getting interesting at the Resource Centre!!!

This week at the Northern Regional Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities (NRRCPWD), our chroniclers are Fraser and Hanifa! 
We approach the end of week four, having completed our first sensitization at the Northern Star School Complex, next to the IS office.

On Saturday, we went to observe the para-sports training which takes place every weekend at the Tamale old stadium. We watched and then took part in wheelchair basketball. It was great fun and we all gained an appreciation for how difficult it is.
WheelChair Basketball

On Monday, rehearsal for the presentation by Hanifa, Fraser, Jackie and Richie was organised and Ed and Lukman continued with the video editing. 

Paul and Richie worked on the baseline questionnaire for our upcoming community sensitization and Jackie completed the posters. Richie and Hanifa made a follow up to Radio Savannah for an airtime slot but we are yet to hear from them.

On Tuesday, presentation rehearsals continued and some edits were made to the slides, though we never used them because there was no electricity during the sensitization!

Richie and Hanifa researched into disability issues on Thursday and Ed will continue video editing. Fraser and Jackie have prepared for the active citizenship presentation on International Development on Friday after our usual morning meeting.

Hanifa and Lukman will be distributing letters to various Junior High Schools for sensitization.

The group will also be preparing for two radio broadcasts on disability issues and the work of the Resource Centre!!. This will take place on next Tuesday and Friday respectively at Tawasul community radio and Mighty FM. 
Things are beginning to pick up as we approach the halfway point and everybody has a better idea of their place within the project. Next week our update will be coming to you courtesy of Richard and Ed.

Fraser and Hanifa!!!!

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