Friday, 23 January 2015

Cohort 7 have arrived!

Cohort 7 has arrived and are ready to continue the work previous cohorts have been working on through the years alongside the resource centre, working together to change the perception of the general public about persons with disabilities in Ghana.  Insure them that they are not a curse or your everyday beggars. The resource centre is a place where persons with disabilities can come to find support, counselling and training. Thus bringing hopes and dreams to reality by assisting them, to reach their full potential.

The volunteers, Paul, Richie, Lukman, Hanifa, Jackie, Fraser and Ed. UK and in country volunteers working together to make this reality.


The first week has almost been and gone, projects are already up and away. Everyone has come together, setting out roles and contributed to some solid team planning.  Also within this week we’ve met Mr Samed, the manager, and Mr Seidu the chairman of the centre, whom outlined our purpose here. As well as meeting these important men we also met past volunteers and Yakubu who will be attending the Outeniqua wheelchair challenge in George, South Africa.

Looking forward to meeting Tamale’s wheelchair basketball team next week!

By Lukman and Ed,

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