Thursday, 4 December 2014

Fond Farewell from Cohort 6 continued...

Endings inspire evaluation, self-reflection and force us to come to acknowledge that change is inevitable. As a team we have toiled hard at the Resource Centre – perpetually battling against stigmatisation and working to aid those with disability – and the end of our time can never detract from everything that we have done. However, it is now our time to step back and accept that someone else will be carrying on the work we have begun. The last few months working and living in Ghana have been absolutely amazing and we have been lucky enough to have belonged to such a great team. It will be very hard to leave everything we have created here but hopefully future cohorts will embrace our Resource Centre spirit and keep the motto alive - #letsdothis!


Hey guys, this is Benno. For our final block, we have all been asked to write a paragraph each of our ICS journey. This means I have to be as brief as possible. It must be noted that is with great sadness and disappointment that I write. I am sad because all too soon we have come to the end of our programme and I am disappointed because new friends I have made will be leaving me soon and I may never see them again. When I think of what to write about my life as an ICS volunteer in a paragraph, I think a paragraph is too small for that but I will try to do it in a paragraph. I started the ICS journey a shy and inward person. ICS has broken that, I am now an open person who speaks his mind. My public speaking has been improved. I have also become a video editor and I am happy to say I have successfully edited a documentary that future cohorts will use for sensitization. Thanks to Becki for her support. I think ICS has had a great impact on my life. When I look at myself in the mirror I see a new me, not the me I saw 3 months ago. I am happy for the team I have around me. Each and every member of the team has had an impact in my life. New friendships have been forged and I have become a better team player. Thanks to hard work of my “Joy Daddy” buddy (Abass), I am a radio icon. I will miss ICS, I will miss Resource Centre, I will miss my team especially Alice’s loud laughs. I wish we could meet as a team again in the near future. Goodbye team Resource Centre, goodbye ICS.
Well done to the great team mates I had at Resource centre for persons with disabilities RCPWD our program has come to an end, I still can’t believe that we have ended it like that, I  had  a great time with my team were ever we find ourselves we are happy together. From the beginning to the end, I will never forget the good times I had with Alice, Becki, Ben, Beno, Elisha, Abass and our team leader Jonny. I wish I could be working with them the rest of my life. I will remember our trip to Zabzugu it was fun, great and we all had a good time together at the ABM hotel, and I always share rooms with Alice, she is my favourite. Our sensitisations we did in schools and the radio appearance we had together, teachers workshops and community sensitisation at Zabzugu market were our highlights. Resource centre night was the best way for us all to get to know each other and eat food as a team. This evening to mark to our last day we are having a pool party and giving Christmas gifts as goodbye presents. Even though I know this is the end of our programme we will never forget each other, we still have each other in mind wherever we find ourselves.       


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