Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Our trip to Zabzugu, week 7

Hi, guys we are writing to you from the Resource centre for persons with disabilities. Last week, week 7 we have moved on from our activities and our team is working like magic. We are working very hard and have just returned from our trip to Zabzugu. Last week saw the team leave Tamale to visit one of our partners, a disabled school in Zabzugu called the ABM Foundation. This field trip to the Eastern region of Ghana took the team very close to the Togo border and provided the perfect opportunity to hold a teachers workshop for the ABM school. We all sat on the back of a motor-king on our way.

We spent two nights in Zabzugu and in this time were able to visit the ABM Foundation school, completed a community sensitisation, teachers workshop and needs assessment for the school. On Thursday morning we visited the school and were immediately impressed. Although small, with only one main classroom it was kept incredibly well and very clean. We arrived just as the children where eating their breakfast of bread and tea. At the ABM foundation the students get fed twice in the day, all provided by the school. 

When breakfast was over there was time set aside for recreational dance, an hour for the students and us volunteers to let of some steam and dance around the school to the latest Ghanaian music.
We then began our teachers workshop, Abass, Ben, Becki and Jonny showed a presentation to the teachers of Zabzugu to help them understand disability and give them extra support in teaching methods, providing them with extra activities and teaching ideas. The feedback from the teachers was very positive and they welcomed our ideas and suggestions. We took with us many different activities and games to play with the children including sensory balls, footballs, bat and ball and alphabet letters. These kept the students entertained while their teachers were in the workshop. They loved the noise balls and we got a good game of football going with some of the boys.

On Thursday evening we took our equipment into the town centre and carried out a community sensitisation presentation. The cohort before us made a documentary about the ABM foundation, which we screened in town to show the people in the community the significance of the school and the necessity to support such a good cause. This was met by huge success, especially when some of the children saw their faces on the big screen. We showed it through 3 times before the evening was through and was people really enjoyed it.

All our activities from Zabzugu went really well and our team really enjoyed the town. The people of Zabzugu including the teachers and students were very happy to see us and we were very grateful for them receiving us.

The ABM school in Zabzugu is very important for the children with disabilities in the town and it is very important for us to keep supporting them and to uphold our partnership.  

Ayishetu and Alice 

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