Friday, 7 November 2014

Crossing the half way point...

We are now at the halfway point of our work at the Resource Center and can count a wealth of achievements thus far; from sensitizing over 400 schoolchildren to appearing on the most popular radio station in Tamale. Whilst our school sensitization project is currently on hold due to strike action in schools, we have decided to not reflect on the past and instead look to the future by planning major events and creating new partnerships this week.

Earlier this week we met with , the head of ABM Foundation, a rural school for children with disabilities in Zabzugu near the Togo border. At the meeting a formal partnerships between ABM and the Resource Center was officially formed, cementing our close bonds together for years to come. Through closer cooperation we will work with the foundation to expand the outreach work the center provides and improve the quality of education for persons with disability in Zabzugu. Additionally, we have arranged a visit to ABM school next week to carry out a teacher’s workshop and a sensitisation presentation for the community which we are all extremely excited about.

Yakubu is a physically disabled athlete who hopes to compete for Ghana in the upcoming All African Games to be held in South Africa. He has approached the team about any possible support we could help him get to aid in his participation in the games. He is a wheelchair racer and currently the wheelchair racing champion in the Northern Region. The whole team have been to the Tamale sports stadium to watch him train.

The Resource Center has also restarted a newsletter, planned to be produced four times a year, to explain and advertise our exciting projects, and the center to the public. It will let anyone in Tamale know if they are having trouble coping with disability then we are here to help. To access a copy please follow this link - https://developmentrcpwd.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/newsletter-edition-2-completed.pdf

Sensitization has been slow this week mainly because of the strike action of 12 labour unions including all teacher unions. We hoped to be on the go a lot this week but we have had to improvise and readjust plans for this week. Our prayers are with pupils who have to be at home because their teachers are on strike. We also hope this strike action will be called off soon so we hit the road again.

The team also visited the rehabilitation centre for the second time since we started. The team was briefed on our first visit on the activities and challenges the centre faced. We sought of hoped that things might be better on our second visit. It is sad to note that the rehabilitation centre still lacks funds necessary for the running of the centre’s basic needs. The school will have to close down in the coming weeks if it is unable to get any funds because the funds it is currently running on will be exhausted very soon. We are again calling on anyone who can help or redirect us to anyone who could be of help to please let us know. You can reach us through our Facebook page or follow us on twitter. God loves a cheerful giver. Please help these people in need. Some volunteers tried communicating through sign language and even tried their hands on some hand crafts. It was a lovely experience. I now appreciate my tailor because it is not easy to get a sewing machine running.

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