Friday, 21 November 2014

A week of Completions and New Beginnings

It is already week 8 at the Resource Centre, though our work is as exciting and varied as ever! The week begun at Islamic Senior High School, where we were surprised by the large number of students who turned up for our sensitisation programme. Despite a few technical challenges, the sensitisation went especially well and the sensitisation games were particularly successful. Even more notable, however, was impact of the new addition to the sensitisation team – Ayisha – whose dynamic presentation style really engaged the students.

Monday was also our official website launch, which numerous Tamale personalities attended. Furthermore, by the end of the day the website had nearly one hundred views from ten different countries! With music playing and a spread of refreshments and biscuits (courtesy of Team Leader Jonny), it was undoubtedly a success and certainly the best ever website launch hosted by International Service volunteers in Ghana!

Wednesday evening was a time for us all to unite, as we headed over to the Stadium to watch the Tamale v. Togo qualifying match. Flags waving, we almost all came together in support of Ghana, although Benno’s occasional deference to Togo raised questions! However, with a 3:1 win by Ghana, we rallied in joy and can definitively agree that we are the best team ever!

On Thursday, we had a Board Meeting with representatives of the four umbrella organisations that operate from within the Resource Centre. The meeting was an education, and we received a great deal of information regarding the struggles and needs of persons with Disability in Tamale. The meeting was also informative in that the board members provided suggestions as to the work that future cohorts could undertake. We also had the opportunity to inform the Board about our activities so far, allowing us to engage the Board members in our work and opening up opportunities for future communication. Of particular excitement was the creation of the Website, particularly the fact that it allows for the advertising of the events and programmes of the various organisations.

This week Ben also completed our needs assessment for the ABM Foundation School in Zabzugu, Becki and Benno started to edit the documentary, and everyone begun making plans for International Day of Disability. Alice and Ayisha also completed the creation of a poster advertising Sports activities for persons with disability, hopefully the first of several posters, whilst Elisha’s plans are far advanced for the ‘follow-up’ sensitisation presentation. The week ended on a high, as we visited Tamale International Junior High School for our fourth school sensitisation programme. Hopefully, week 9 will be equally productive as we begin to round up our activities at the Resource Centre, with only two weeks left before our time here comes to an end.

Ras-Becki & Abs

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