Thursday, 23 October 2014

Taking Tamale by Storm: Our Media Buzz

     Hey guys, it is now week four at the Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities (RCPWD)! This week we have made great progress with our sensitisation programme and, after handing out numerous letters to schools, we have three schools lined up for sensitisation during next week alone.

     On Tuesday we went to visit the Rehabilitation Centre for persons with disabilities, where we were given a tour by Inusah and were able to see the students at work learning various different trades. Just like many similar institutions in Ghana, the Rehabilitation Centre is meant to be Government funded but has been neglected in recent years, meaning that the future of the Centre lies in the balance. If the Centre remains open however, there is the potential for us to provide ICT lessons, which might at least offer new skills to the students.

     This week has also been a great week for Media at the Resource Centre; we started the week with a radio appearance at North Star FM where we all crowded into the studio and watched Abass, Jonny and Samed be interviewed.  After the interview was over, we even had the chance to introduce ourselves on air, which was good fun! On the radio we spoke about sensitisation, the difficulties face by persons with disabilities, the rights of disabled persons, the causes of disability, and the potential of disabled persons. This was definitely a success as several former volunteers and even Ahmed, the Resource Centre caretaker, told us that they had tuned in and assured us that it sounded good.

     Furthermore, the Media buzz did not simply end with our radio centre appearance. On Wednesday 22nd October we started our resource hunt campaign in order to gain publicity for the Centre and hopefully even acquire some new Resources. Unfortunately the Resource Centre suffers from a lack of resources so, whilst there is always someone to offer advice in person, there are no mobility aids leaflets or posters available to help persons with disability. However, we are not to be disheartened by the extent to which we need resources and began our campaign with a humorous photo shoot, which is to be the first of many over the next five weeks. Indeed, to track our hunt for resources, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  

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