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If all persons with disabilities are recognized as equal and active citizens, what a great nation Ghana will be.

How great and pleasant will it be, when persons with disabilities discover their talents and exploit them to the benefit of the country and to the world as a whole?                                                                                     By Elisha PsyPha

Hi guys, as the media buzz is still ongoing, sensitization is fast spreading to all corners and gradually our aim to do away with stigmatization is still on course. We achieved a mammoth task by beginning the week with a radio discussion on Fiila FM where our volunteers (Abass, Ben and Benno) were the guests. Again on Thursday, another team of volunteers Alice, Becky and Benno as well as Samed (Centre Manager, RCPWD) were on Diamond FM. They touched on issues regarding as disability, causes and types of disabilities, the disability Act, Para sports, activities of International Service partnership with Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities and the need to provide empathy and also support the development of persons with disabilities. The volunteers tackled every question put before them and it was entertaining.

The rest of the week was used for sensitization in schools including Tishigu Anglican JHS and Winning Life Academy. We had Ben, Abass, Elisha and Alice doing the presentation. On the slide, we showed the pupils what disability is, causes as well as types of disabilities, how persons with disabilities tend to communicate and also some awareness games as well. We showed them videos of the London 2012 Paralympics and they were amazed and applauded the performance on show. Teachers of the various schools were not left out as they partook in all the activities and were excited as they felt enlightened and they helped immensely. Fortunately, we had Tom (a member of Ghana Blind Union) with us, who gave the pupils a lecture of how it is to be blind, how he got educated to be able to read and write and now a professional teacher with the responsibility of taking care of his family. After, there was a question and answer section where Tom answered and cleared any doubts the pupils had on their minds.

After our presentation at Winning Life we then took a group photo outside with all of the teaching staff there.

Truly, this week’s activities has been a huge group effort since each and every member of the team had a role to play and that has given us a boost in morale. We are also happy to announce that our Resource hunt has yielded positive result as we now have a printer in addition to a projector. We had a meeting to reflect on the activities that has been outlined for the entire project and we are proud to say that most of them are on track and partially completed but not withstanding, we need a bit of more hardwork to complete on time.

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                                                                                          Written by Elisha & Abass

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