Friday, 29 August 2014

Hi again! We the national volunteers (Tahiru, Iddi, Majeed, Hinnatu and Mohammed) from the resource centre in Tamale are using this opportunity to upgrade and equip ourselves with skills for the development of the beneficiary communities in northern Ghana.
As part of our plans to help the rehabilitation centre with materials and some funds to be able to continue with their learning activities, we gave out proposals and letters to some mosques, N.G.Os, seamstresses and material-shops for their support. This was very successful and we received 2 large bags of materials that we have already given to the rehab centre for the students to work with. Monetary donations have been slower but we’ve already had a great response from the local community and we hope to raise the rest of the money through a crowd funding video that we will upload later this week.

Since sensitization is very crucial in our project, we carried out various interviews with persons with disabilities in Tamale to find out their life stories and people attitudes towards them. We took some footage of the interviews which we are currently editing to use in our documentary. 

During the week we also went to kanvilli Tawfikiya primary school, Tuah Sunniya primary school and Ticherli primary school to give presentations on disability and what persons with disabilities can do for themselves and their communities. The presentation went alongside videos of the Paralympics. Although it was difficult keeping control of some of the classes and we had a lot of technical obstacles to showing the presentation we think the message got through to the students. Even better the message seems to be spreading; the day after our first school visit a young girl in a wheelchair heard about our presentation and came to join the classes.

Last, but not the least, we went to the rehabilitation centre to teach the staff and students basic computer knowledge and skills.

All the above work is aimed to achieve the following:
·       To change negative perceptions towards persons with disabilities and to bring down stigma and reduce discrimination against the disabled.

·       To help encourage the public to integrate persons with disabilities into all aspect of their communities.

·         To help eliminate the belief that disability is a curse or punishment rather than a medically explainable condition that can happen to anyone.

The reason we enjoy doing this work is:
·       It is educative
·       We get experience
·       We enjoy serving the nation/communities
·        It also enhances our level of confidence

We think it’s important because          
·       We now know much about person with disabilities and their needs.
·       Due to misconceptions and stigma associated with persons with disabilities, they lose their self esteem and find it difficult making friends and this should stop.

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