Monday, 4 August 2014

Hello from the National Volunteers at the Rehab Centre! 

We have been very busy the last week with Project work, but would now like to introduce ourselves and tell you about our experience so far for International Service and the Resource Centre.

Hi! my name is Abdulai Majeed and i come from Nasia a small village in west mampurisi district. I am a young man of twenty seven years of age and a Ghanaian by birth. Sunyani polytechnic is the institution i completed and studied marketing. So far I have enjoyed everything that we did within the induction week at Gilbt and the first week at the resource centre but out of everything, the sign language video and self practice of the sign language was specifically  very good for me. This was good because i can now understand some few sign languages which means i can now understand people who use sign language.


Hi my name is Adam  Hinnatu and I am thirty years of age I come from Nyeshi village near Savelugu and I’m married with a daughter. I completed Tamale Polytechnic studying a marketing diploma. I enjoyed very thing that we did at Gilbet and  back at the Resource Centre,  it was very interesting everything there especially the Emmunuel Gift and Intouchables movie. One thing  i forgot to mention is sign language, it was very interesting,  I learned a lot.


My name is Alhassan Tahiru and I come from Tamale, I am twenty nine years of age and am a Ghanaian by birth. I did social work at the school of social work in Accra under the department of social welfare. Personally I like working with those who are vulnerable. I really enjoyed watching the films that were showed to us to study about what persons with disabilities can also do for the development of their nations.


 Iddi yakubu is my name and I stay in Tamale in the northern region, I am twenty eight  years of age. I completed Tamale polytechnic and studied financial Accounting as a course.
So far What i learned and enjoy  here is the research we did on the internet and streets of Tamale about person’s with disabilities. I now know the types and what force them to the street.


My name is Alidu Mohammed Cobla i come from Tamale, northern part of Ghana, I am 19 years of age and I have completed NIIT in tamale studying computer science. I really like using my computer and getting to know more about people from other countries . So far I have really learned a lot and enjoyed about the research on disability issues.

At the training week we learned about western culture from the UK volunteers, some of this includes educational systems in the UK, marriage and its related problems and religion and beliefs in the UK. Good interpersonal relationships were created between both UK volunteers and national volunteers.

Volunteers from  UK were very friendly and that made us easily socialise with them within the induction week. Names of volunteers were known, likes and dislikes were also known and multiple friendships were made. Interesting games like the market game and the name instruction game were very exciting and educative.

We also learned some basic health issues such us how to prevent malaria, awareness about the ebola virus and its transmission and using sanitizers after we visit the washroom to prevent transmission of some bacterial  diseases.

Volunteers were taken through some brief history about international service : its  mission, vision and objectives were learned.


First day in the resource centre was very new to us, we introduced ourselves to the staff at the centre. Presentation on persons with disabilities was shown and famous persons with disabilities like Emmanuel  Ofosu Yeboah, Rudy(amputation; both legs), Bill. Clinton(hearing impairment) and a Ghanaian visually impaired  minister,(Prof. Danaa). We spent the first week learning many new things about disabilities, their causes, the issues facing people who have them and the stigma and discrimination that needs to be reduced. We have changed our perceptions greatly in just this one week in how we see person’s with disabilities and feel more able to be able to fight for the cause and try and change those negative perceptions of others.

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