Thursday, 17 April 2014

Dasiba, Antire, Aniwula!

Chris, Jack, Lisa and Shaibu

Welcome to our blog! We are the April 2014 Team working with the Northern Region Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities (RCPWD). Under the wise leadership of Lisa, the volunteers are very excited to get stuck in with the Resource Centre, and we hope to share as many of our experiences with you as we can!

Arriving in Tamale on the 7th April, we were taken to a Guesthouse for our week-long induction training. Through ice-breakers and group activities, we were able to get to know the whole team- both the UK and Ghanaian volunteers- as well as a lot more about our individual projects and Ghana itself. We were also given lessons in the local Dagbani language, including Dasiba (good morning), Antire (good afternoon) and Aniwula (good evening)- all three replied to with a happy Naa.

During the induction week, we were treated to cultural performances by the Dinani dance group and a local cultural group, both of which featured incredibly energetic dancing and drumming, and audience participation in some of the dances (the success of which varied between different members of the group). At one point during the week we also had the opportunity to practise our language and bartering skills in the market, skills which will definitely come in useful over the next three months.

After the induction week, we moved into our new home and were able to begin our work with the Resource Centre properly. We arrived to the office on Monday excited to get started. Despite a lack of power (and therefore fans), we battled through the heat and drew up a list of projects to work on through the next three months. These projects are the Sensitisation Programme which will be used to educate people about disabilities, the promotion and development of local para-sports, donations for the Resource Centre’s School for Carers and a Documentary about disability in the Northern Region and the work of the Resource Centre. We will talk more about these projects in the coming weeks, but the most pressing issues are a screening of the documentary Emmanuel’s Gift to members of the Resource Centre and its partner organisations, and fundraising for a projector to be used in the Sensitisation Programme.

Suffice to say, we are all very excited to start working with the Resource Centre, and we will keep you posted about the important work the Resource Centre does, and our role in helping to make it happen!

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