Monday, 10 March 2014

The Board Meeting

The International Service volunteers working at the Resource Centre as part of their effort to provide a good standard of living for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Tamale organised a strategic planning meeting with the Board of the Resource Centre to discuss the best way to take the Centre forward. The meeting with the volunteers was the first in its kind since the Resource Centre signed-up to work with the International Citizenship Service programme a year ago, the meeting was attended by all partner associations who made up the board of the Resource Centre.

The Board discussing the Logo
The Ghana Blind Union (GBU), Ghana Society for the Physically Disabled (GSPD), Ghana National Association for the Deaf and Dumb (GNAD), and the Association of Parent and Guardians of Children with Disabilities (APGCWD) were fully represented the meeting. Natasha Gell and Jon Dewhurst who co-hosted the meeting did a fantastic job by designing a professional step by step plan of discussions at the meeting with a self-explanatory power point presentation of a number of activities that have been carried out by the team of UK and National volunteers and at the Resource Centre.

The meeting started with the team of all 5 UK volunteers and 4 national volunteers taking the opportunity to officially introduce themselves to the board members.
  •       Meriame - has been conducting some research in more support for the disability sports teams and looking at getting sponsorship for them.
  •      Alex – has been researching fundraising proposals and sending letters to a number of organizations to solicit for their support for the disabled sports teams associated to the Centre.
  •        Mark - spoke about the database and Report that was written to present the findings of a previous survey.
  •      Shaibu and Sophie spoke of how they both worked to design and complete website:  www.rcpwd.com and have also been working to improve the Resource Centre’s presence on social media.

Natasha and Jon then proceeded to lead the meeting, starting off by running through the Logo, Vision and Mission statement of the centre. Agreement from the board was needed in order that they can be used on marketing material, and was gained for the Logo and the Mission statement. The Vision will be discussed further at the next Board Meeting.

The meeting was dubbed a strategic meeting as it sought to discuss the way forward and possible solution to the numerous challenges facing the Resource Centre. The meeting with Board sought to look in to four areas that were relevant to the progress and development of the Resource Centre:
  •       Codifying Relationship
  •       Strategic Planning
  •       Core Values
  •      Constitution of Board of Trustees

Jon and Natasha presenting their ideas to the Board
The chairman for the Resource Centre Mohammed Seidu Chantimah, who also doubled as the chairman for the strategic planning meeting, was very impressed with the work of the volunteers and encouraged us to put more effort into everything we do to get the necessary results. Mr Seidu also touched on the Disability Database Report which was completed by this cohort of volunteers and is awaiting presentation to the management of the Resource Centre at the official opening ceremony of the facility. Regarding strategic planning, Jon Dewhurst took the Board through the variety of programs that have been set out by the management and staff of the centre for 2014. It was agreed that the volunteers would set up a training day on strategic planning for the board to help them plan the strategic vision for the Resource Centre.

The meeting ended with both the board members of the RC and the volunteers to work hard to move the centre forward.

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