Monday, 10 February 2014

Mountains climbed!

Hi all. This week, the group has achieved a mammoth task; finishing the report on Persons with Disabilities in the Northern Region, which has been worked on for 6 months by all three cohorts. Blood, sweat and tears have been poured into reviewing the data, learning how to use pivot tables and writing then rewriting various sections. Since our very first day at the centre, we have been working on the report and seeing the finished project has given us a boost in morale.
It was a huge group effort and we would like to thank the previous cohorts for their excellent work, which made our completion of the project much easier.  The report holds a great amount of value for the Resource Centre as we can now use it to lobby the local government effectively and inform the public of the issues surrounding disability and campaigning for change.

In more exciting news, the website for the Resource Centre is now also online after much dedicated effort from Shaibu, with some contributions from previous cohorts and Mark and Sophie. The website will help to lend legitimacy to the Centre as well as helping people access information about what the Centre does and what help they can access. Along with these vital tasks, the website should help to raise some funds through renting out the fantastic facilities available at the Resource Centre: a function room, class room and three en-suite bedrooms.

Some of the students dancing
We also returned to the Yumba School this week, which is beginning to feel like home! It is shocking to think that Yumba is the only school for children with intellectual disabilities in the Northern Region, but also inspiring, as the staff there work very hard and it was clear to us that they provided a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for the children. We went to Yumba this week to help in the organisation of their next sports day on the 19th-21st February. After our meeting we were treated to a dance performance by some of the students. Dance plays an integral role in Ghanaian society and we were impressed by the talent of the children, as the dancers and drummers performed at a professional level.

To celebrate the success from the past week, the team travelled to Paga at the weekend to wrestle some crocodiles (as proved by the overwhelming number of crocodiles now featured in Facebook profile pictures), and enjoy some downtime with our fellow volunteers.

This week's blog brought to you by Sophie

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  1. I taught school in Yendi Ghana in 2009-2010. To make a long story short, there are two children I was very close to there for whom I am trying to find good special ed schools. Could you please contact me at bstaylor22@yahoo.com. Thank you, Brenda Taylor