Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Hello everyone,

We are now in week five and we have been branching out into different projects now that the report has been finished. Myself (Mark) and Shaibu have been working on a list of notable and important figures to talk to about the findings from the report. This list includes the local MPs, the Health and Education ministries, the King’s representative and many more. We want to speak to these people to see what influence they can exert, and to get them to help us to improve the rights and quality of life of persons with disabilities. We are working on planning a launch event for the Resource Centre. The Resource Centre’s new building has not yet been officially opened and we believe that it’s cause for a celebration! The report is almost 40 pages long and is a bit lengthy if you just wanted to get an idea of the issues that face PWDs in Tamale.  Sophie has been working on summarising the report into an pamphlet. We want to make the information easier to understand for everyone to spread the information to as many people as possible. The leaflet is coming together well and we hope to have an excellent summary printed and ready for the launch event.

Meriame has been working on the sports program that the Resource Centre wants to expand. She has been speaking with people from various different disability schools in the area to find out everything sports-related that they do, and to see where the Resource Centre can help.  The Yumba Special School for the mentally disabled, will be hosting a sports day in March which will have lots of different events such as 100m, shot put, football and others. We want to get as many of the other schools involved as much as possible, in order to create lasting relationships between the different schools.

Alex has spent the week researching and writing several fundraising proposals to organisations such as Right To Play. If we want to expand the Resource Centres role in disabled sports, it needs more funding for equipment and training for coaches. These are vital if we want to help the schools to expand their sports provision, and to improve the health and well-being of PWDs through sport.

Finally, Tasha and Jon have been working away at a strategic proposal to take the Resource Centre into the future in an organised way. This will give the cohorts coming after us a framework that they can work within to keep the Resource Centre growing and improving. The proposal, once finished, will be presented to the board for approval, and hopefully accepted!

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