Thursday, 10 October 2013

Settling In

Greetings from Tamale, the Northern Region, Ghana!

Just over a fortnight into the ICS volunteer scheme and we - the new team for the Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities - are finding our feet. After an intensive training week in Tamale, we feel ready for the challenge ahead.

The new team at the Resource Centre for Persons With Disabilities
As we arrive into the office on Monday morning, it is quite clear that the task won’t be easy, although we are already eager to get started. One of our objectives at ICS is to carry on the work from the previous volunteer team; our work should be part of a continuous and sustainable project. The previous cohort were the first team to work in partnership with the Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities. They created and conducted a questionnaire across the city to gather valuable information concerning the situations and needs of persons with disabilities. The results can now act as a reliable and up-to-date point of reference for the centre and the wider community. 

With these findings our team can work together to implement the various recommendations. In collaboration with International Service, the Centre can work towards the shared aim of building an inclusive society for all.



 Web development, a marketing strategy and further fundraising are just some of the practical aspects of the day-to-day project work we’ll be engaging with over the next 10 weeks. This is part of a wider strategy to improve the lives and opportunities of people with disabilities within the region. Furthermore, by the end of our placement we hope to have set up sustainable and regular activity programmes for people with disabilities within the local community; an aim which we believe will be an integral part of the Resource Centre’s presence within the city of Tamale.

With all of that in mind, WATCH THIS SPACE, we have enough to be getting on with!

Until next time J


By Tilly

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